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Two Championships For Henry; Three J&J Auto Racing Teams Score Victories

It was another strong weekend for our J&J Auto Racing teams, September 11-12.Cap Henry & Lane Racing continue to make their mark in the midwest sprint car scene by earning two championships, Attica Fremont Champion Series Championship & Attica Raceway Park Track Championship. Sam Hafertepe,Jr.,Jason Tanner & Sheldon Haudenschild all took a trip to victory lane in a J&J Auto Racing chassis.  

Sam Hafertepe,Jr. I-80 Speedway, ASCS National Series

Jason Tanner, Sandia Speedway, 360 Wing Sprints division 

Sheldon Haudenschild, Dodge City Raceway Park, World of Outlaws

* Cap Henry, Attica Raceway Park, 2020 Track Champion

* Cap Henry, Fremont Speedway, Attica Fremont Championship Series Champion

For a complete list of J&J Auto Racing winners, please visit http://jandjautoracing.com/About/?Page=Winners


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