For more than 45 years, J&J Auto Racing has been a leader in racecar chassis manufacturing.
With intricate attention to detail and a willingness to provide chassis to the consumer’s
specifications, J&J has taken its place as a leader in Sprint car racing innovation and safety.
Founded and headed by Jack and Bonnie Elam, J&J Auto Racing is based in McKenzie, Tenn. 

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Swindell, Henry, Duke, Jr., Leversedge, Edwards & Weller Win With J&J Auto Racing

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2019 Feature Winners in J&J Auto Racing Chassis: 

Donny Schatz...4
Rusty Hickman..2
Andrew Scheuerle..2
Tony Stewart...1
Morgan Turpen...1
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. ...1
Terry Witherspoon...1
Ken Duke, Jr. ...3
Jonas England...1
Butch David...1
Ryan Taylor...1
Johnny Bridges...1
Jeff Swindell...1
Cap Henry...1
Matthew Leversedge...1
Martin Edwards...1
Josh Weller...1



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